We are distributors for IAE, Dennis Brinicombe and Wydale.

On this page you will find details of all the livestock feeders we supply. Some images can be made larger by clicking on them.

We have feeding equipment for all types of livestock.

Ball feeders for molasses. Carts to feed milk. Troughs for feed nuts, ring feeders for hay / silage. Buckets for milk, lamb feeders and poultry feeders.

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Molasses Feeders

Feeding molasses is the easiest way to supply a good source of energy, essential in any well balanced diet to help maximise livestock health and performance. With our range of convenient feeders in a selection of sizes you can feed your livestock efficiently and save waste. Other sizes available upon request

2 ball tube, 30 litre capacity                              2 ball tray, 60 litre capacity

3 ball segment, 70 litre capacity                      6 ball round, 150 litre capacity

2 wheeled feeder, 250 litre capacity                                  16 ball quadrant


Calf Feeding


Hoof proof, 4 litre capacity                                           Holder for hoof proof bucket

Single bucket, 4 litre capacity                                        Twin bucket, 4 litre capacity (each bucket)

3 teat, 3 litre capacity (each compartment)                5 teat, 3 litre capacity (each compartment)

Small trough, L 1160mm D 130mm                              Large trough, L 1350mm D 160mm

Static mixing tank, 110 litre capacity                              Mobile mixing tank, 110 litre capacity

Mobile mixing tank, 110 litre capacity (4 wheels)


Lamb / Goat Feeding

5 teat feeder, 1 litre capacity (each compartment)

Pellet Cake Feeders

These feeders are designed to hang on a barred gate. Originally designed for calves they can also be used for sheep, lambs and even turkeys.

Compact, 2kg capacity                                                               Compact bird proof, 2kg capacity

Mini, 34 ltrs / 25kg capacity                                                   Mini bird proof, 34 ltrs / 25kg capacity

Mini rainproof, 34 ltrs / 25kg capacity                                 Small, 40 litres / 25kg rough mix feed


Large, 80 litres / 40kg rough mix feed                                 XL, 60kg rough mix feed

XL rainproof, 60kg capacity                                                   XL goat feeder, 60kg capacity

Hay Feeders

Mini rainproof hay rack                                        Hook over hay rack single

Hook over hay rack double                                   Corner hay rack

Square wall mounted hay rack                               1.2 metre hay rack on wheels

2.4 metre hay rack on wheels                                  Cattle ring feeder, standard

Sheep ring feeder, standard                                     Sheep ring feeder, horned sheep

Troughs (other troughs are available)

Cattle trough                                                                  Sheep trough

Sheep snacker feeders

Quad-X 470 litre capacity hopper, delivers feed in metered quantities 1/2 – 2 litres, 6ft apart