Winton Machinery

Winton Machinery offers a great range of products ideal for smallholders and farmers.

Winton Machinery specialises in implements for compact and medium sized tractors. Their machinery is intended for agricultural and grounds care applications. Their range of machinery is enhanced for durability and robustness. Key components such as bearings, gearboxes and blades are heavy duty. Take a look at their working DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS .







Winton WVF130 1.28 metre offset verge flail mower








  • Low hedges
  • Difficult verges
  • Hedge tilt suitable for UK roads
  • Upgraded bearings for smoother action
  • Spirally arranged hammer blades for an efficient cut

Winton verge flail mowers are perfect for cutting verges, ditches, tricky grassed areas and low hedges. As well as an upwards vertical movement of 90 degrees, they can be operated at a 45 degree downwards angle for ditch and verge cutting. The cutting height is adjustable between 3-8cm. 2 double-acting hydraulic spools are required to operate this machine. WVF Operators manual 







Model No: WVF130 WVF150
Working width (cm) 128 148
Width (cm) 155 190
HP Range 26-50 30-55
Weight (kg) 260 290

Winton WAT120 1.2 metre ATV flail mower




















  • 15 hp 4-stroke engine
  • 1.2 metre cutting width
  • Weight, 250 kg
  • 3 – 10 cm cutting height

The Winton ATV flail mower is perfect for regular maintenance of pasture and paddock areas. It can be used behind a quad bike, utility vehicle or 4×4 vehicle fitted with a tow ball. The mower comes supplied with a 50 mm tow ball hitch. The petrol engine features both electric and pull start.

Winton WWC4 wood chipper

  • Farmers
  • Smallholders
  • Simple to operate and transport
  • 360 degree output chute for precision control
  • Shear bolt PTO for enhanced safety

A versatile machine that makes the perfect addition to any smallholding. The Winton WWC4 chipper will chip wood up to 4 inches in diameter. The heavy large diameter rotor is fitted with 4 blades which can be reversed.  WWC4 operator manual 

WSB stone buriers

  • Seed bed preparation
  • Buries stones and debris
  • Robust heavy duty gearbox 
  • Adjustable tilling depth to 12 cm

These machines level the ground preparing a new seed bed. Stones and other debris are buried, as a result the lighter tilled soil is left on top. The roller section runs over and levels the tilled soil, leaving the area ready for sowing. WSB stone buriers are available in three working widths of 95 cm, 115 cm & 135 cm. WSB Operators manual

Model No: WSB105 WSB125 WSB145
Working width (cm) 95 115 135
Width (cm) 125 145 165
HP Range 20-28 25-30 30-45
Weight (kg) 330 355 380

Winton WFR field rollers


The Winton range of field rollers is perfect for levelling out paddocks after harrowing or for general maintenance throughout the year. The rollers are supplied to tow with tractors using a simple pin hitch and draw bar. A 50 mm ball hitch is available for use with quad bikes, utility vehicles or 4×4’s.

  • Simple pin hitch fitting or optional ball hitch
  • British designed for strength and reliability
  • Greasable bearings
  • Adjustable scraper bar

– Implement weight unladen 245 kg

– Implement weight laden 610 kg

– 6 mm steel drum & 50 cm diameter (20 inches)